Who We Are

The Australia Korea Young Professionals Association (AKYPA) is a non-profit organisation that exists to strengthen the bilateral partnership between Australia and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). AKYPA aims to promote trade and networking opportunities by connecting future leaders in business through high calibre events and forums.

The opportunities for trade and investment between South Korea and Australia are boundless. South Korea is Australia’s fourth largest overall trading partner with over $34 billion of goods and services traded both ways in 2015-16.*  The Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) signed on 14 December 2014 has further strengthened the importance of the economic and geopolitically strategic relationship between the two countries.

AKYPA provides a platform for knowledge and information sharing and professional development. By connecting young professionals to a broader network of commercial and business opportunities, AKYPA believes this will lead to the future leaders of the Australia-Korea partnership. This platform is also necessary for facilitating cultural understanding and mutual respect, which are critical to businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs engaging effectively and successfully in the marketplace.

Sponsored by the Victorian Government, AKYPA is also a connection hub for recipients of Korea-related government programs including the New Colombo Plan and Hamer Scholarship to promote greater ongoing engagement.

*Republic of Korea Country Brief," Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, accessed 14 September, 2017, http://dfat.gov.au/geo/republic-of-korea/Pages/republic-of-korea-south-korea-country-brief.aspx