Connecting Future Leaders. Creating Opportunities.

The Australia Korea Young Professionals Association (AKYPA), through events and policy development, aims to raise the awareness of the importance of the Australia-Korea bilateral relationship by developing and strengthening people to people connections and furthering institutional links between the two countries.

AKYPA acts as a platform for knowledge and information sharing, and is focused on inspiring young professionals develop a deeper understanding of issues facing businesses and organisations in Australia and Korea, and how individuals and organisations can engage on a deeper level, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

AKYPA connects young professionals to each other and to significant commercial, political and academic leaders, and educate and inform the network to further develop cross-cultural intelligence and practical skills of future leaders, and works with Government to promote Korea related programs such as the New Colombo Plan and Hamer Scholarship to promote greater engagement.

Our Goals

  • Foster the development of future business leaders in the Australia-Korea corridor
  • Generate new interest from young professionals not currently involved in the Australia-Korea corridor
  • Increase the awareness amongst young professionals of the evolving and new emerging business opportunities in the Australia-Korea corridor
  • Develop the Korea capability (cross-cultural intelligence and practical skills) of young professionals to effectively engage with Korea
  • Provide a voice for young professionals committed to advancing the bilateral business relationship
  • Provide networking opportunities between young professionals and with the broader business community to develop and strengthen people-to-people connections and foster institutional links